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Your Trusted Partner In Home And Business Security.


Smarter security for
your business.



And Reliable

Shield Access is a professionally operated state-of-the-art security integration company providing intimate innovative technology with value-added exceptional customer service and support.



We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services in the DMV Area

High Quality 
High Performance

For the safety and protection of our customers, our access control systems, automatic gate systems, card reader systems, facilities management systems, and all other low-voltage systems are implemented with great team wisdom and support. Experts at Shield Access can design and install a system that transforms the neighbourhood where people live, work, and interact.



In this day and age, we often see and hear about many different threats to home and business security. Different types of unwanted intrusions happen every day. We believe that everyone should have comfort in knowing that they are safe.



Our products and services deliver convenience and total control even when you're away. Please browse our site to learn about Shield Access's available security and communications solutions.

Shield Access experts can custom-tailor and install a system that transforms the area where people live, work and socialize.


We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

Security Integrator Technician

Security Integrator Technician



The Senior Security-Telecom Technicians' primary responsibility is to provide project leadership
as well as perform maintenance and installation for all Shield Access LLC products and services.
Includes Hardwired or Wireless, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Video Surveillance Systems
and Associated peripherals, such as, WAPs, Wireless Bridges, Biometric readers etc..
Certification is required.

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